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Our Transport

Public High School Watlar's School buses are available to take students to and from school. Transport fee is to be charged for both the ways. The buses pick up or drop students only at the stop fixed by the school. In case a student who wants to discontinue the school transport, he \ she will have to give one month’s notice or shall have to one month’s charge in lieu thereof.
We acknowledge all types of achievements to build the self esteem of the students just to inculcate their hidden talents.
We are absolutely proud of our school and aim to offer the best possible educational values to your children. But for this, we fully appreciate your participation as you people form the warp and woof of this institution. We invigorate and cajole you to visit us to see the school in action.

May God Bless You! (Aameen)

School Location

The school campus is located at a distance of 10 Km's from Ganderbal near the sacred shrine of Shah Sadiq Qalandar (RA) in Watlar. As such the school is fortunate enough to have a natural and enthusing greenry punctuated by paddy fields and orchids all the way around. further more the school building has the benevolence of the mighty chinar shade and the sweet waters of the spring sprouting with right aplomb. In addition to this a magnificent Mosque few steps away is located to offer the regular Zuhar Prayers.
"TAWHEED-AABAD" Watlar has been blessed enough to take the epitaph of "The land of the Rising Sun.".

About School

Public High School is a vision put forth by some emancipated persons who worked relentlessly to realise the dream of the institution. They aspired to transform the educational system of the area in an over whelmingly challenging circumstances and yet proved effective despite the humongous realities of the present time.


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