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Watlar, Ganderbal Kashmir
  • Education is the
    passport to the future,
    for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
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  • Education is the key
    to success in life,
    and teachers make a lasting impact in the
    lives of their students.
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  • The goal of education
    is not to increase the
    amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities
    for a child to invent and discover new things.
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"TAWHEED-AABAD" Watlar has been blessed enough to take the epitaph of "The land of the Rising Sun.".

About Public High School

Public High School is a vision put forth by some emancipated persons who worked relentlessly to realise the dream of the institution.

They aspired to transform the educational system of the area in an over whelmingly challenging circumstances and yet proved effective despite the humongous realities of the present time.

We are indeed proud to be able to offer the widest range of learning options of any sort. We encourage and promote the bonhomiec ties to a varied background of students merely to create a conductive atmosphere. As such the staff is committed enough to work in tandem with parents and their wards so as to realise their dreams.